Over the last decade, technology has evolved and influenced our way of living in unprecedented ways. The gadgets and technology from movies have even become a reality. However, experiencing it in person is far more remarkable.

Vertices, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Keio Group, aims to integrate technology with the engineering industry. We believe in technology and seek the possibilities beyond.

The Group understands that the only way to achieve long-term sustainable goals is by revolutionizing. Vertices is a brand new extension of Keio’s core business in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. We offer high-tech solutions to the industry by injecting and integrating the latest engineering products and building materials into current business models.

To address the expectations and needs of the new generation, Vertices is constantly seeking the most innovative technologies that meet the clients’ development goals and help them to realize the vision of smart transformation.

At Vertices, we listen to your needs. We are your most reliable partner who provides various levels of support during the entire project life cycle. We look forward to working and delivering projects that go above and beyond the innovation of today with you.