Media Glass

powerglass®, the world’s first transparent display device, has revolutionized the building materials and lighting sector by combining thin-film LEDs and ITO glass, perfecting fascinating lighting effects without the use of wires.

powerglass ® creates a mysterious yet luxurious atmosphere by “floating” light in the air. It produces patterns by using any number of LEDs within the size limitation.

High-Tech Glass With Built-in LED

Advanced technology is incorporated into transparent displays with its transparent micro-spacing circuit of ITO glass without Z-DIOD, condenser and transistor to control the series of smart LEDs with low power consumption.

This technology has been used in over 1,500 projects worldwide. powerglass® can be applied to building façades and outdoor spaces, as well as being used as interior finishes, partitions and displays/decorations. The cutting-edge technology of powerglass® fully demonstrated the tactics of three-dimensional marketing, promotion and communication of products and services in one go.

Founded in 2014 in Germany, Peter Platz Spezialglas GmbH looks back to a decades-long family tradition in the field of glass processing. Now specializing in processing technical glass, their team explores the application and development of multimedia technology in an endeavor to delve deeper into the art of media glass.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart systems are now part of our everyday life as we get accustomed to digitization at work and other aspects of life. Lighting is an art. Going beyond the sole purpose of illumination, Vertices pursuits the harmonious integration of lighting and space.

Vertices offers green, energy saving and high efficiency smart lighting solutions that can match the design of spaces. The smart designs also come with real-time remote support through cloud technology that further digitizes the art of lighting.

Video Walls

In this digital age where information flows fast, multimedia has become the backbone for communication and streaming technology becoming mainstream. Vertices understands the pursuit for high-quality audio and visuals in addition to the ability to receive a large amount of information. This serves as a driving force for us to deliver sensory experiences of the highest level possible.

Video walls are formed by a series of seamlessly-connected display screens. The flexible display capability allows our clients to fully execute and present their marketing and publicity efforts as they plan.

Building Management System (BMS)

The transparency, standardization and automation that cloud technology offers transform traditional building management models. Real-time monitoring, management and status updates of equipment are made possible through the utilization of online BMS software. Intelligent analysis systems allow for more effective prediction of the state of machine parts and identification of optimization opportunities for the equipment, greatly improving the performance of building equipment.